Is it OK for a Guy to Wear a Pink Shirt?


Do you notice that various guys are now wearing pink colored shirts out in public? If you do, then you quite possibly really feel a bit uneasy about them. Pink has such a stigma of femininity that some men and women really feel that it's practically a crime against masculinity for a guy to wear a pink shirt.

It will quite possibly never be entirely acceptable for a businessman to wear a pastel pink shirt with his suit. It is strange that blue has by no means been considered a masculine color. Ladies are not stared at when they wear blue given that it is a absolutely acceptable color for women's clothing.

Quite a few guys wore fluorescent pink shirts back in the eighties when fluorescent colors had been big. These shirts had been surf tees or tank tops with fitness center logos across the front, but they in no way looked feminine. The color pink has disappeared from men's clothing now that fluorescent is out, and pastels are in.

A pink shirt with the Red Sox logo across the front in gray is one of my favorite items of clothing. Having said that, I would wear a blue shirt or a red shirt just as effortlessly as I would a pink shirt when it comes to athletic clothing. It is actually challenging to imagine a guy buying a pink shirt, even if it has the logo of his favorite sports team across the front.

Colors that are similar to pink like maroon and purple have not fallen under the identical stigma as the color pink. There are a lot of purple shirts produced for men and persons don't glance twice at a man who is wearing a purple shirt.

Men can uncover it tough to wear one thing that has been labeled as becoming feminine. For instance, not a lot of men are walking about wearing lace trim on their clothes or with flowers embroidered into the material. Perhaps pink will at all times be for the girls. Anyway, it's fine with me because I like the color pink. I also do not feel that I would take pleasure in seeing my husband wearing my fairly pink Red Sox shirt whilst strutting around the home.

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